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Your Money

Jan 19, 2012
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Paid for by taxpayers in…West Des Moines

(paid during the week of Jan. 9)

Amount: $875

To: Arrow Stage Lines (Norfolk, Neb.)

For: Payment for bus service on Oct. 15 to Iowa City for the Iowa Hawkeye football game.

Amount: $309.85

To: A Tech Inc.

For: Cost of monitoring services for the West Des Moines softball grounds, maintenance shop and teen center, including monthly permit fees for each, and a system check on the Valley Junction fire and sprinkler phases ($40).

Amount: $175.32

To: Adventure Lighting

For: Purchase of light bulbs for city buildings.

Amount: $5,535

To: Ahlers & Cooney

For: Payment for 24.6 hours of collective bargaining services for the Library, Emergency Management Services and fire fighters.

Amount: $497.45

To: American Express (Los Angeles, Calif.)

For: Payment for membership ($35); purchase of movie tickets ($399.75); and purchase of recognition supplies for safety, employee relations and wellness purposes.

Amount: $436.82

To: Fleet Services (Carol Stream, Ill.)

For: Cost of fuel for the EMS’s out-of-town services.

Amount: $50.27

To: Laser Resources

For: Purchase of staples.

Amount: $743.71

To: Matheson-Linweld (Dallas, Texas)

For: Purchase of oxygen supplies for the city ambulance services, including $19.75 in delivery charges.

Amount: $522

To: Macdonald Letter Service

For: Purchase of a letterhead ($257), 500 business cards for two employees ($100) and 5,000 envelopes ($165).

Amount: $5,400

To: Mid Country Machinery Inc.

For: Rental fee for one month’s use of a caterpillar.

Amount: $105

To: Mid-Iowa Sales Company

For: Purchase of ultra violate premium soap wax for city trucks.

Amount: $608.10

To: Midwest Professional Staffing

For: Payment for 18.5 hours of work by temporary employee Brian Abrahamson for the public works department at $32.87 per hour.

Salaries and Such

Name Mary Maloney

Title Polk County Treasurer

Department Polk County Treasurer’s Office

Years served 22

Annual salary $98,205


The Des Moines City Council recently approved Senior Radio Technician Daniel Gray to travel to Las Vegas, Nev., from Feb. 19 – 24, to attend the International Wireless Communications Expo. The conference will provide technical courses on a wide variety of topics in the radio communications field, many of which will provide information on future mandated changes. The cost of the trip and training is $2,025. CV

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