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Good, Bad & The Ugly

Jan 19, 2012
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The good

Here’s something to celebrate. United Way of Central Iowa’s 2011 campaign raised $25,084,249, the highest total in the organization’s 94-year history. This total was $1 million higher than the $24.1 million raised in 2010, and $600,000 more than the 2011 goal. Additionally, 2011 marked the fifth consecutive year of community United Way support above $24 million. Central Iowa ranks second only to Seattle in per capita United Way giving among the country’s largest United Ways. Makes you proud.

Hey kids, there is a Santa after all, except he (or she) wears a camouflage suit and drives a tank. The U.S. Marines collected more than 45,000 new or unwrapped toys for the local Toys For Tots program and were able to provide at least two presents for every child, delivering to more than 18,000 children in need during the holiday season. “This has been a tremendous year for Toys for Tots. The amount of funds raised and toys collected this year really surpassed our expectations. The amount of support this campaign gets year after year from our community clearly demonstrates that the collective effort of the community can make a big difference in a lot of children’s lives,” said First Sgt. Brandon Eckardt, who has been leading the Des Moines’ campaign for two years. “The community pulled together and helped us raise over $150,000 this past year, which was a huge asset to the campaign and will be a big benefit as we go into next year’s holiday season.”

The bad

Another day, another pervert having sex with a dog. North Carolina native Ray Lynn Mitcham Jr. was arrested last week after having sex with his neighbor’s dog. According to police, Mitcham’s neighbor went next door to speak to him. When she opened the door, she discovered Mitcham engaged in sexual intercourse with the dog. The dog was taken to a local veterinarian, and DNA was extracted from the female dog’s genitalia. Mitcham was arrested and charged after he submitted DNA that matched the sample that was extracted from the dog. This guy loves his bitches.

Way to go, Supermom. Flor Banos-Garcia, a 35-year-old Salt Lake City woman, was arrested last week after she abandoned her daughter at a convenience store. According to police, a store employee called after Banos-Garcia pulled up in front of the store, got out of the car with her 5-year-old daughter, pushed the child inside the store, and then ran back to her car and sped away. Unfortunately for Banos-Garcia, the store’s security cameras recorded the entire incident. Banos-Garcia was arrested at her home later that evening and charged with child abuse.

The ugly

Parents who beat their kids should have their asses kicked, and then go to jail. Texas native Cynthia Gonzalez, 26, was arrested last week after she fractured her daughter’s skull by punching her. According to police, an investigation was launched after the 2-year-old girl was brought to the hospital with a fractured skull, several teeth punched out, multiple bruises and bleeding on the brain. Family members told police that Gonzalez would routinely punch the child in the face when she would cry or vomit. Gonzalez told police her daughter fell out of the bed, but the medical evaluation proved otherwise. Gonzalez was arrested and charged with causing serious bodily injury to a child.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Illinois native Exulam Holman, 32, was arrested last week after he gouged his uncle’s eyeballs out during an argument about the television remote control. According to police, they arrived at the scene on a domestic disturbance call and found Holman’s 62-year-old uncle at the bottom of the stairs with blood gushing from his eye sockets. The man’s eyeballs were swollen, dislocated and protruding about a quarter-inch out of his eye sockets. After being rushed to the hospital, the man went through surgery, but it was too late. He is now blind in his left eye and has limited vision in his right eye. Holman was arrested and charged with two counts of felony aggravated domestic battery and one count of aggravated battery. CV

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