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Jan 19, 2012
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It’s nice to see people coming together for a good cause

While I am normally very much a cynic by nature, it was rather nice to read the recent cover story about the generous aid being offered Mr. Forey Jacobson following his unfortunate assault at Johnny’s Hall Of Fame (“Peace. Love. Loincloth.,” Jan. 12).

It should be noted that when it comes to a sense of community and helping those in need, the good people of Iowa are not to be out done. Here in Des Moines, this outpouring of support for — let’s face it, a rather “quirky” individual — shows that people look underneath the outward appearance of the individual and see the soul inside.

Typically I am not sympathetic to someone who gets caught up in a bar brawl, but it would seem that in this case a normally peaceful man was accosted by a brutish thug. People have chosen to help the man in his hour of need, and I congratulate them one and all for their efforts on this man’s behalf. Even a curmudgeonly old fussbudget like myself cannot help but be heartened by their efforts.

James Bradley Robinson III

Des Moines

Check the facts

Everyone may want to look at the actual police report before reading your recent cover story about Forey Jacobson (“Peace. Love. Loincloth.,” Jan. 12). Numerous witnesses told police that Stuart Wohlford-Wessels was not the assailant.  The assailant was on a party bus, and since the story broke, numerous individuals have called the Des Moines police department and have left messages regarding the real assailant. Four individuals have placed Wohlford-Wessels outside the bar, trying to catch a cab; all four individuals indicated he wasn’t even in Johnny’s at all.  Insiders have also stated that the videotape clearly exonerates Wohlford-Wessels. Why in the world would this be moving to trial when it is clear to those involved that the assailant is at large? Do we want to catch the assailant and have the right guy pay for the crime? This is clearly a case of guilty until proven innocent — I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. Please don’t ask an innocent guy to pay for something he didn’t do. Reopen the case, interview everyone, do the right thing. Once Wohlford-Wessels is exonerated, will everyone run the story over and over again stating his innocence? In this age of electronic media, a story like this will follow someone forever. What price do the police and the media pay if they ruin a reputation and someone’s future?

Brian Anderson

Des Moines

Editor’s note: Information printed about the suspect in last week’s cover story was taken from the actual police report supplied to Cityview by the Des Moines Police Department.

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