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Sound Check

Jan 12, 2012
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By Chad Taylor

Various Artists

“Where is Parker Griggs?”

Alive Naturalsound

Sample Tracks

When Radio Moscow’s Parker Griggs writes a new song, this is how I imagine the paper looks: “words, words, words, three-minute, face-melting guitar solo, more words, rinse, repeat.” You listen to Griggs’ guitar work, and the other bits that make a song a song are largely irrelevant. It’s all about that six-stringed thunderbolt in his hands. For “Where is Parker Griggs?” Radio Moscow and nine Alive label-mates contribute a dozen previously unreleased tracks to produce a compilation that’s pure classic rock. The album is full of tinny mics and three-chord blues riffs, with the two tracks from Hacienda being the highest points. For Griggs’ part on the album that bears his name, Radio Moscow’s tracks are clearly leftovers from this years’ “The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz,” but even his scraps are worth more than a cursory listen. CV

Neon Lushell

“modern purveyors of filth and degredation (in a time of peace and understanding)”


Sample Tracks

On one hand, you’ve got to give the Ames duo credit for being unlike anything else on the local scene. If there’s anyone else around here delving into the lo-fi/avant garde/post punk morass that Neon Lushell calls home, there’s certainly nobody doing it with such conviction. But sadly, “locally original” doesn’t always mean “genuinely original.” Depending on which track you listen to, you’re going to get undertones of the Misfits, Lou Reed, Chumbawumba, Joy Division and some of those tracks the Beatles stuck on the “White Album” that nobody listens to. When taken as a whole, the album can’t help but feel like a kind of “intro to experimental punk” version of the Melvins’ 1994 release “Prick.” It’s possible that’s enough to hold your interest — tracks like “Leave Me Alone” and “Cellar Door” may be conventional enough for most palates — but ultimately the experience fails to provoke much thought. CV

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