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Dec 8, 2011
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Why isn’t anyone talking about Newt’s sexcapades?

Why are Herman Cain’s sexcapades being flaunted in the news and costing him his presidential run, while Newt Gingrich is being allowed to skate? Cain stayed with his wife; Gingrich cheated on two successive wives and then married the mistresses. Neither one is without sin, so why is only one being stoned? Or to confine it to the political rather than philosophical realm, both are equally susceptible to a Lewinsky-type scandal. I’m not so shallow as to allege racism, but why does the fact that one’s affairs were known and the other’s are just coming to light have such inequitable effects on their concurrent presidential aspirations?

Jeni Nosbisch

Des Moines

Got an idea for Duffy

I was watching TV the other day and had a great idea for a Duffy cartoon. Once again Kim Reynolds is standing right behind Gov. Branstad while he speaks. I told my wife Branstad is the dummy and Reynolds the ventriloquist.

Alan Booton


Really enjoy Political Mercury

Just wanted to say thanks for bringing Doug Burns to the Des Moines market. He’s a great writer and an Iowa treasure.

Michael Tramontina

Des Moines

We should think twice about raising animals for food

The alarming news about the new swine flu strain that has sickened three children in Iowa — and seven other people in Pennsylvania, Maine and Indiana — should make us think twice about raising pigs and other animals for food.

Swine flu is called “swine flu” for a reason — because it afflicts pigs. The virus thrives on pig farms, where tens of thousands of pigs are packed in filthy, damp sheds that stink of urine and feces. It’s not unusual for the viruses that cause swine flu, bird flu and other illnesses to mutate into a pathogenic form and sicken humans. Experts believe that the virus may involve limited person-to-person contact.

If we don’t want pigs or other farmed animals to be our downfall — either through animal-borne diseases or through heart disease, diabetes or cancer — it’s time we reevaluate the way we treat them, and perhaps even the way we eat.

Heather Moore

PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Va.

Correction: Swati Dandekar (D-Marion), is a board member with the Iowa Utilities Board with an annual salary of $113,078. We mistakenly printed the wrong salary in a recent issue (“Salaries and such,” Dec. 1).

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