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What's Inside

Dec 8, 2011
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What’s it all about?

By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

The Occupy movements have gathered steam across the nation and here in Des Moines over the past few months. They continue to garner audiences from those who will listen about the inequities in our system. They pry the media for attention. They march, carry signs, camp out and get arrested. Iowans understand and share their frustrations, but few are willing to pitch tents at Stewart Square and commit their lives — even for the short term — to the effort. In fact, many Iowans simply don’t understand who these people are and what they want. Even the four dozen or so official members of Occupy Des Moines have differing views. They want to be taken seriously, but incidents like the recent arrest of an organizer on drug charges during a Wells Fargo bank protest aren’t helping their cause. Iowa’s harsh winter will provide yet another challenge.

In this week’s cover story, we introduce you to the people, share the objectives and attempt to explain what the Occupy Des Moines movement is all about. And that’s no easy task.

Thanks for reading. CV

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