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Nov 10, 2011
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Name that crime

Oct. 25-28

A. Assault (willful injury) and probation violation.

B. Public intoxication (alcohol or drugs), disorderly conduct and probation violation.

C. Second-degree harassment.

D. Possession of heroin.

E. Trespass, interference with official acts and simple assault on a public officer or fire fighter.

F. Two counts of intimidation with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault going armed with intent.

Answers for Name That Crime: 1)D 2)F 3)E 4)B 5)A 6)C

Published arrest charges are obtained from official law enforcement records, which are available to the public. All who are charged are innocent until proven guilty.

On the clock

Des Moines Police

Sept. Oct. 27-Nov. 2

Oct. 30, 9 p.m.

Child endangerment at the 1500 block of 6th Avenue. The caller found a man passed out in the bushes at the corner of 6th and College Avenue. He offered the man a ride home, and when they arrived at his house, there were allegedly two children, both under the age of 5, at the residence alone and crying. Police arrived to find the man passed out on the couch, near the window. It took a long time for them to wake him up by knocking on the window, and when he answered the door, police could tell the man was drunk. When he let the cops in, officers noticed the house had trash and dog poop all over the floor. One child was reportedly in the bedroom crying, and the other was in the crib crying. The man could not tell police the last time the children had been fed. Police called the kids’ mother to come home from work, and then arrested the man, who registered at .246 on the blood-alcohol test, according to reports.

Oct. 30, 10:51 p.m.

Willful injury causing bodily injury at the 5200 block of Southwest 9th Street. The alleged victim flagged down police wearing a cut-up shirt and covered in blood. He told police an acquaintance of his had attacked him with a box cutter. He reportedly had cuts to his arm and neck. Police later found the alleged suspect wearing a “Scream” mask. He told police he was jumped, and he appeared to have scrapes and bruising to his face and knuckles as well as a broken hand. Police did not find a box cutter knife on him, but after being identified by the alleged victim, he was arrested.

Oct. 30, 6-8 p.m.

Burglary at the 6200 block of Edwards Street. A woman reported her home was broken into while she was out trick-or-treating with her kids. Evidence suggests the suspects had come in through her bedroom window. She told police that she noticed a neighbor boy and two of his friends walking nearby wearing backpacks. Items stolen include an X-box 360, a Nintendo Wii and controllers. CV

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