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Nov 10, 2011
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Upcoming shows in November

By Jared Curtis

‘The 39 Steps’ presented by The Des Moines Playhouse

831 42nd St.

Through Nov. 6

Based on the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film, “The 39 Steps,” tells the story of Richard Hannay, whose night of fun turns into anything but after he is involved in an attempt to smuggle top secret information out of the country. Accused of murder by Scotland Yard and carrying a secret that could save king and country, Hannay must solve the mystery of The 39 Steps in order to acquit himself and stop a war. Bringing the show to life is a cast of four actors who play more than 140 characters throughout this comedic thriller. Tickets are $20-$29.

“Wicked” returns to the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines Nov. 9 through Dec. 4.

‘Wicked’ presented by The Civic Center of Greater Des Moines

221 Walnut St.

Nov. 9 through Dec. 4

Back by popular demand, “Wicked” returns to the Civic Center for an extended run through November. We all know the story told in the “Wizard of Oz,” but “Wicked” follows the story of two girls — a smart, fiery and misunderstood girl born with emerald green skin and a beautiful, ambitious and popular girl — who meet in the land of Oz and evenutally become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch. Tickets are $35-$148.

‘Office Boy’ presented by DMACC Huff Theatre

DMCC Campus, Building 6, 2006 South Ankeny Blvd., Ankeny

Nov. 10-11

Huff Theatre’s 81st production, “Office Boy,” follows an unlikely young man who finds success on Broadway when he takes his audience to an unfamiliar place — experimental theatre that is rich with social commentary. Think of it as, “classic Vaudeville meets the Avant Garde.” Admission is $1.

‘Next Fall’ presented by Stage West

The Civic Center’s Stoner Theatre, 221 Walnut St.

Nov. 11-20

“Next Fall” is the story of two men in love, two parents in denial and two friends on speed-dial.  Luke believes in God. Adam believes in everything else. Moving beyond a typical love story, “Next Fall” provides us an opportunity to examine what it means to believe and what it might cost us not to believe. The show takes a witty and provocative look at faith, commitment and unconditional love. Tickets are $22-$25.

‘A Behanding in Spokane’ presented by Mooncoin Entertainment

Des Moines Social Club, Kirkwood Building, 400 Walnut St.

Nov. 11-20

Carmichael has been searching for his lost, severed hand for decades. In an attempt to finally reclaim what is rightfully his, he holds himself up in a hotel with a young couple who may have an answer. Whether or not they deal more than just hands, misunderstandings ensue in typical Martin McDonagh fashion — dark, irreverent and hilarious. Tickets are $15.

‘Honour’ presented by DMACC Huff Theatre

DMCC Campus, Building 6, 2006 South Ankeny Blvd., Ankeny

Nov. 18-19

Against a background of social tensions in Minneapolis after an influx of Somali refugees, a Christian conservative named Sarah discovers her daughter Judith is gay and in love with a Muslim neighbor. Sarah then plots out a plan and will do anything to save the immortal soul of her daughter. Admission is $1.

‘Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!’ presented by The Des Moines Playhouse

831 42nd St.

Nov. 18 through Dec. 11

Adapted from the Junie B. Jones series of books by Barbara Park, “Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!” is a holiday fun for all ages. It’s holiday time and Room 1 is doing a lot of things to celebrate including making elf costumes and singing carols. When Junie B. picks a name for Secret Santa, she gets stuck with Tattletale May, who keeps ruining her holiday glee. Although she is swayed by seasonal greed and nasty feelings for May, Junie B. will figure it all out and do the right thing. Tickets are $12-$15. CV

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