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Book Reviews

Nov 10, 2011
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‘Desperate Housedogs’

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books

Review by Harriet Leitch

By Sparkle Abbey

Bell Bridge Books



202 pp

“Desperate Housedogs” is the first book from a couple of new central Iowa authors — a mystery that also includes a passion of this reviewer — dogs.

The story follows a beautiful woman named Caro. After rejecting the beauty queen circuit promoted by her mother, she has established herself as a pet therapist in the upscale area of Laguna Beach. When one of her clients is murdered, she is at first cast under suspicion of guilt. But she quickly clears herself and turns to trying to prove the innocence of her good friend, Diana. There is a good share of danger involved, plus a little romance.

The author’s knowledge was impressive, demonstrating the various dog breeds presented and their characteristics. The dogs were portrayed as themselves and were not anthropomorphized. The methods used by Caro in addressing the various misbehaviors were humane and reasonable approaches, and she appropriately reserved a good share of the blame for the dogs’ misbehaviors to the owners. The concern shown for rescued animals and Cara’s work for the local animal rescue organization (which has a “Furr Ball” as a fundraiser), struck a good note.

“Desperate Housedogs” is a good and easy read. There are a couple of worn expressions at the beginning, but it soon resolved into an enjoyable, casual read and will leave readers eager for Sparkle Abby’s next book. CV

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