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Your Money

Oct 13 , 2011
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Paid for by taxpayers in…

West Des Moines

(paid during the week of Oct. 3)

Amount: $200

To: Kustom Signals Inc. (Kansas City, Mo.)

For: Repair radar that wasn’t capturing speed or range for the police department.

Amount: $1,979.24

To: Palmer Group

For: Payment for three weeks of temporary staffing of Steven Miles at $21.87 per hour.

Amount: $154

To: A to Z Rental

For: Rental fees for 12 tables and 10 chairs, plus pick-up and deliveries, for Illumifest through the Parks and Recreation Department.

Amount: $374.40

To: Josalynn Agnew

For: Payment for services for the First Step Dance Classes and Ballet/Jazz Classes for the fall of 2011 at the West Des Moines Community Center.

Amount: $251.06

To: Brockway Mechanical and Roofing

For: Payment for roof repairs at the public works building where there was a leak on the northwest side due to worn caulking around the windows and siding; two hours of labor at $48 per hour, plus materials.

Amount: $921.65

To: Brownells Inc.

For: Purchase of 30 light mounts for rifles at the police department.

Amount: $19,440

To: Cartegraph Systems Inc.

For: Purchase of subscription license for Your GOV Web and Mobile software, plus implementation services ($14,580), for the Public Works Department.

Amount: $3,375.30

To: Competitive Edge

For: Purchase of 60 ASA Event T-shirts for the men’s softball tournaments.

Amount: $70

To: City of Ankeny Parks and Recreation Department

For: Purchase of 10 admission tickets to Cascade Falls Aquatic Center on Aug. 11 for the Parks and Recreation Department.

Amount: $16,122.26

To: Clyde Armory Inc. (Bogart, Ga.)

For: Purchase of 19 Colt AR Series Model LE6920 5.56-millimeter rifles for the police department.

Amount: $250

To: Janice Hill

For: Training fees for the Youth Justice Initiative three-hour class on Three Principles.

Salaries and Such

Name Mark Schuling

Title Consumer Advocate

Department Iowa Office of Consumer Advocate

Years served Appointed in January, 2011

Annual salary $128,890


Construction and contracts

The Des Moines City Council recently approved a $160,372.11 change order on the Fire Logistics and Training Facility. The $8,130,000 facility is being built at 2715 Dean Avenue on a reclaimed site where the rubble and debris from the existing buildings had been used as fill. Final quantities have now been determined to be greater than those originally estimated. This change order compensates the contractor, Dean Snyder Construction, of Ankeny, for removal of unsuitable soils, debris and rubble and the import of clean fill material as well as grading and seeding at the disposal site on Southeast 30th Street. CV

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