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Oct 13 , 2011
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Name that crime

Sept. 29-Oct. 3

A. Domestic abuse assault causing injury.

B. Harboring a runaway child.

C. Prohibited acts and driving while license is revoked (OWI related).

D. Five counts of possession of cocaine and probation violation.

E. Possession of marijuana and public intoxication.

F. Violation of a protective order, third-degree kidnapping and domestic abuse assault with injury.

Answers for Name That Crime: 1)F 2)E 3)A 4)B 5)C 6)D

Published arrest charges are obtained from official law enforcement records, which are available to the public. All who are charged are innocent until proven guilty.

On the clock

Des Moines Police

Sept. 29-Oct. 5

Oct. 4, 12:30 a.m.

Illegal dumping at the 2500 block of CB and Q Street. While on patrol, an officer came across a large amount of personal property and trash that had been dumped in the street, reportedly blocking the entire roadway. The property included a couch, a bookcase, carpet rolls and multiple trash bags. Inside the trash bags, the officer found mail with the address and two names attached to that address. Charges are pending.

Oct. 5, 3:44 p.m.

Assault at the 3800 block of Easton Boulevard. Both the victim and the suspect were patients at a treatment facility. The alleged victim told police he had returned to the facility after a doctor’s appointment when the suspect approached him, calling him a narc and threatening him. Then the alleged suspect came at the victim with a plastic fork, and when he attacked, the victim spilled his coffee all over himself. Police noted scrapes on the victim’s legs and reported belligerence from the suspect, who is also suspected of being under the influence of a narcotic, so he was arrested.

Oct. 5, 11:51 p.m.

Robbery at the 800 block of Southwest McKinnley Street. The alleged victim was a bartender at Brew Haus. She told police she went out back to lock the gate at the bar when a man in a black hoodie and ski mask demanded money. He followed her inside, and she opened up the register and handed him cash. Then he ran out the door.

Oct. 5, 10:30 p.m.

Robbery at the 1600 block of Des Moines Street. The alleged victim told police she was getting things from her car, which was parked on the street, when a man rode by on a bicycle. She said “hi,” and the man continued on, but after her arms were full of items from her car, that same man grabbed her purse. She pulled away enough to rip the straps off, and he got away with her purse. There were no witnesses, but police reported bruising on the inside of the woman’s arm. The purse was not located. CV

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