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Oct 13 , 2011
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Cityview Magazine

What’s the strangest talent you have, or you’ve seen in someone else?

Chris Augustine

I can touch the tip of my nose with my toung

Vinnie Vinson

A friend can flatuate at will.

Cityview Magazine

If you had the whole world’s attention and someone handed you the mic, what would you say?

April Odom

Hello world! You suck!

Lindsey Smith

I’d probably start singing jazz.

Cristhian Medina

people whats wrong with us the only ones god is going to welcome to heaven is newborn childrens if we keep going the way we are

Gusto Pizza Co.

I’d sing them some Lionel Ritchie.

Rich Wiskey Theresa Dickinson

The lyrics to ‘Imagine’

Greg Wright Sr.

kiss my back side!!!!!!!

Lorrie Smith Culp

embrace peace

Cityview Magazine

If you had to pack up and move in moments, and you could only take what could fit in your car, what would you bring with you?

Joy Hockensmith Hennessey

my kids,dog, photo discs, and my mother’s jewelry. yeah, and my husband too

Laurie Johns

my favorite runnning shoes, orthotic pillow, my two cats, dog, jewelry box, 10 favorite books, my writing Journal, oil paints, sketch books, Mac, daughter’s baby photo albums, iPhonel, iPod, and I supposed I’d HAVE to bring my 14-year-old & hubby.

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