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Oct 13 , 2011
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Run of the Living Dead

By Jared Curtis

Runners will be chased down by zombies at Run of the Living Dead, which takes place at Sleepy Hollow Scream Park on Thursday, Oct. 20. For find out more information or to register, visit

New race forces runners to beat zombies instead of each other

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be chased by zombies? Well, now’s your chance to get your own “28 Days Later”-type experience with Sleepy Hollow’s first annual Run of the Living Dead.

“I had heard about this type of race before and thought it would be a great idea,” said Max Kenkel, general manager of Sleepy Hollow Sports Park. “We have the space for it, so we came up with a unique race that people are really going to enjoy. Plus, it made for a great partnership with Zombie Burger.”

With the success of the recent Aspen Warrior Run, Kenkel knew they needed to create another fun race.

“Being a first year event, we’re not sure how many people will sign up, but we had a great turnout for the Warrior Run, so we’re hoping for more than 200 racers,” Kenkel said. “Hopefully we’ll get a lot of good feedback and make it bigger and better in the future.”

The 5K race takes place on Thursday, Oct. 20, at 6 p.m. The entry fee is $40 ($35 for students and $30 for kids 12 and under), which includes the race and a Pick 3 Wristband for the Scream Park. Participants will receive a belt with flags attached similar to flag football. When the race starts, numerous zombies will appear throughout the course, chasing runners down and taking their flags. The winner will be the first person to the finish with all of his or her flags.

“There is no time limit, because if you were really being chased zombies, you’re not going to slow down and look at a stopwatch,” Kenkel laughs. “Plus, it takes some strategy. If you get out to a huge lead ahead of everyone, you’re probably going to get attacked and lose. I think runners will be better off sticking to a pack and then let the other people get attacked while you run away.”

The course will be simple with no real obstacles, other than hungry, flesh-eating zombies looking for brains.

“It’s an easy, flat course, and it’s going to be a lot of fun for runners of all skill levels. I’m sure we’ll have some serious runners participating as well as zombie fans looking for some fun. Everyone will have an equal chance to win,” Kenkel said. “We’ll probably have 40 or 50 zombies on the course, and they’ll be spread all over. Some will be slow, while others will be running full speed. So, other than some crazy zombies trying to eat your brains, it’s going to be a pretty easy race.”

If enough people enter, the winner of the race will receive $250. Interested participants can register at Registration will end on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

“More and more people are signing up every day,” Kenkel said. “We’ll also have a one-mile kids’ run following the race.”

There will also be numerous prizes awarded for Best Sexy Costume and Best Overall Costume, as well as Best Kids’ Costume. All participants are encouraged to dress up.

“We really want people to dress up and have fun with this race,” Kenkel said. “And we encourage teams and groups to register, too.”

Kenkel thinks the Run of the Living Dead is the perfect event for both runners and zombie fans alike.

“It’s the perfect fun run, and even though it might seem creepy, it won’t scare you to death,” he said. “Plus, it’s the perfect training for the impending zombie apocalypse.” CV

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