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Your Money

Sept 22 , 2011
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Paid for by taxpayers in…

Des Moines

(paid during the week of Sept. 19)

Amount: $1,511.26

To: Metro Temp Staffing

For: Temporary wages paid to Kari Aalbers, Stephanie Herbold and Andrew Herlein at $23.25 per hour for one week of grounds and landscaping work.

Amount: $655.55

To: Per Mar Security

For: Weekly wages paid for one week's security services provided to the public library at $15.07 per hour.

Amount: $1,035.20

To: Recorded Books LLC (Prince Frederick, Md.)

For: Purchase and shipment of 12 new books for the public library.

Amount: $588.75

To: Reynolds Feed Service Inc.

For: Purchase of dog food for five dogs comprising the K-9 units for the police department.

Amount: $1,407.02

To: G & K Services

For: Purchase of bed sheets, bath towels, pillow cases and dish towels for the fire department.

Amount: $672

To: Divided among Tim Grooters, Kim Michaelson, LaWayne Rogers and Kirk Sorensen

For: Payroll vouchers for flag football for one week at a $24 per game rate.

Amount: $540

To: Polk County Clerk of Court

For: Filing fees for court action against four property owners for non-compliance of city code regarding sidewalk conditions.

Amount: $850

To: State of Iowa Office of the Auditor

For: Annual audit fee for filing the FY2010 audit report.

Amount: $328

To: H.B. Leiserowitz Co.

For: Purchase of a Canon SX230 HS camera plus a Tamma 5691 and an 86BSOHC lens for the Public Works Department.

Amount: $1,107.55

To: Skold Door Company

For: Payment for repair/replacement services of doors at four city locations: Parks and Recreation Department, Animal Rescue League, Teachout Pool and Grays Lake Repair Building.

Salaries and Such

Name Alana Anderson

Title Administrative assistant/program manager

Department Economic Development for the State of Iowa

Years served 4

Annual salary $43,287.40

Public Hearing

The public hearing regarding the rezoning of the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) center, 315 S.W. 14th St., from a C-3B Central Business District Mixed Use District to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) was postponed until the next Des Moines City Council meeting, Sept. 24 at 4:30 p.m. at the City Hall. It was proposed for rezoning because Capstone Ventures LLC does not currently hold the permits required to convert ICE into a facility that would be able to detain individuals for on-site processing. However, the Planning and Zoning Commission of Des Moines recently denied Capstone Ventures LLC's request to rezone the property on the grounds that the rezoning is "not in conformance with the existing Des Moines' 2020 Community Character Plan's future land use designation of Downtown Support Commercial." The public hearing was originally set for Sept. 12, but the council voted to table the matter until this Monday. CV

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