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Sept 8 , 2011
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Where's the promised change?

I felt the need to respond to Douglas Burns' recent interview with President Obama ("Political Mercury," Aug. 25). Most aspiring business people are not standing around waiting for high-speed Internet, as the President suggested. They're waiting for the "change" President Obama suggested three years ago.

Drew Murphy

Des Moines

Vote yes for wards

The voters of the Des Moines school district will have the opportunity to change the method of electing Des Moines School Board members from an at large system to a ward or district system on Sept. 13.

With the election of a new ward or district representative to the Des Moines School Board, all citizens of the district will be guaranteed of having at least one school board member living in and elected by the people of their ward or district. Residents of that "ward" will have one board member that is responsible primarily for the educational interests of their "ward," while at the same time working with other board members on the education issues that impact all students throughout the school district.

On Sept. 13, vote Yes for Ballot Measure A for a fair and representative government for all citizens of the Des Moines school district.

Mitch Henry

Des Moines

Postal problem

I was very disappointed to see Cityview side with big businesses on the subject of the United States Postal Service (USPS) closing small town post offices ("Our View," Aug. 4). Closing these post offices would be a huge detriment to rural America. Running these offices has never been profitable, as only populated areas make money. Our RFD mandate is to provide service to all sectors of the country and tie us together as a nation. If we could keep these post offices open during the Great Depression, there is no reason to close them now. If they do shut them down, who will deliver mail to rural America? FedEx and UPS won't go there because it's not profitable enough.

Dennis Gunn


Facebook Comments (left unedited)

Cityview magazine question

Some say law enforcement cameras help keep our society a safer place. Others say they're merely a way for the city to make money. Some people call it Big Brother butting into our private lives, while others argue, "If you have nothing to hide, then why do you care?" CV readers, what do you think?

Chuck Corwin

Lane switchers going 80 on 235 need to be curbed. Bravo Des Moines!

Lena DeGregory

If its you getting the ticket, it sucks. But when that camera catching the hit and run driver that harms someone you love, you will be thankful :)

Debra Gonzalez

I understand that they make the roads safer and get people to slow down, but I think it is taking jobs away from our already slim police force. I think they are trying to make easy money. I think if they want to make some money for the city or state, at least let me actually get pulled over by a real person and then I would at least feel I helped create a job instead of throwing my money out of the window

Rich Winkey /Theresa Dickinson

I can see potential safety benefits IF the profits are used to better educate new drivers. Driving skills are pathetic these days.

Stephanie Rhodd

I think we should all throw eggs at them.

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