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Your Money

August 11, 2011

Paid for by taxpayers in…

Polk County

(paid during the week of Aug. 1)

Amount: $117

To: Air Mach Inc.

For: Purchase and installation of compressor parts for the General Services Building and Grounds Department.

Amount: $6,690

To: American Marketing Inc.

For: Installation of several interior signs posted at the River Place West building including extra signage for rest rooms, sprinklers and alarm panels.

Amount: $450

To: American Marketing Inc.

For: Purchase of signs with reflective vinyl numbers for River Place West.

Amount: $168.37

To: Aces Animal Care Equipment and Services Inc. (Boulder, Colo.)

For: Purchase of a folding dog trap for the Animal Control Department, including $33.37 shipping fees.

Amount: $132

To: Blank Park Zoo

For: Recreational services provided to the Norwoodville Youth Camp for a July 20 outing involving 42 students, four chaperones and six adults.

Amount: $12,131.25

To: Bonnie's Barricades

For: Fees for use of a CMS trailer and sign model for the Polk County Health Department.

Amount: $134.37

To: Kevin Bullington (Polk County Sheriff's Office)

For: Meal and mileage expenditure reimbursement for the transportation of inmates from June 20 to July 8.

Amount: $1,871.20

To: Cash-Wa Distributing Company (Kearney, Neb.)

For: Purchase of 200 units of jelly, potato gem tots, struedel bites and other foods for the jail.

Amount: $199.28

To: Chemsearch (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Payment for services cleaning and disinfecting evaporator coil at the jail.

Amount: $21,700

To: City of Des Moines

For: Reimbursement for the Healthy Homes Grant for FY2012, including $100 for investigating a false alarm by the Des Moines Police Department.

Amount: $133.40

To: Des Moines Stamp Manufacturing Company

For: Purchase of five permanent stamp signatures at $25 each.

Amount: $61,623

To: Diamond Tours Inc.

For: Payment for recreational services provided so residents at the senior centers can have leisure time travels in FY2012.

Salaries and Such

Name Courtney M. Kay-Decker

Title Iowa Department of Revenue director

Years served Since January, 2011

Bi-weekly salary $5,711.43 ($148,497.18 annually)


Senior Officer for the Des Moines Police Department, Amanda Leo, was recently approved to travel to Austin, Texas, from Sept. 10-17, to obtain training sponsored by the American Polygraph Association. The training will provide the most current knowledge and skills in detecting deception during polygraph exams and advanced training to be used in interviewing and interrogating during polygraph exams. The training will also provide continuing education credit hours necessary to maintain certification as a polygraph examiner. The travel expense was approved by the city council at $1,549.CV

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