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Good, Bad and the Ugly

August 11, 2011


The good

Let's hope this year's Iowa State Fair doesn't serve violence on a stick. Des Moines Police and community leaders met last week to discuss the increased police presence at this year's fair. Last year's debacle, which included two assaults on police officers, 27 arrests outside of the fair gates and two stabbings, left a black eye on the beloved event. So the Iowa State Patrol and Des Moines Police are stepping it up to provide a safer environment for everyone. More than 10 additional uniformed troopers will patrol the fair at night and on weekends with some undercover troopers on site, too. Des Moines police will also increase their presence with an additional seven to 10 officers per day. These efforts will hopefully help curb the violence so we can all focus on the fun and festivities.

The bad

There has to be a better place to hide things. A Florida woman, Angela Lynn Palmer, 37, let something slip out after she was arrested on counterfeiting and trespassing charges. While officers were escorting Palmer to the cell, a crack pipe dropped from her vagina. But that wasn't all. Soon after an orange cigar tube also fell from her vagina. After a cavity search, officers found a second tube lodged in there. Inside the tubes were pieces of crack cocaine. Along with her previous charges, Palmer was charged with cocaine possession, possession of a controlled substance, destroying evidence, smuggling contraband into a detention facility and possession of drug paraphernalia. No word yet on the kitchen sink.

This drunk may have thought he was being responsible, but that clearly wasn't the case. Louisiana native Billy Joe Madden, 28, was arrested last week after letting his 8-year-old son drive his vehicle while he slept in the passenger seat. According to officials, numerous witnesses had reported a green truck driving erratically on the interstate. When they stopped the vehicle, police found the 8-year-old boy behind the wheel, Madden intoxicated and sleeping in the passenger seat and his 4-year-old daughter in the back seat. Madden was charged with two counts of child desertion, parent allowing a minor to drive, open container and two counts of no child restraint and no seat belt.

The ugly

Even hunger has its limits. Last week Natasha Hubbard, 36, was arrested in Los Angeles after she tried to steal and "eat" a baby. According to officials, a mother was pushing her 4-month-old infant in a stroller when Hubbard appeared out of nowhere and began unfastening the stroller's safety restraints. Hubbard then pulled the infant out of the seat, began violently swinging the infant and slammed the child into a nearby rail. The child's mother and aunt began attacking Hubbard and got the baby away from her. Hubbard fled the scene but was later located by police and charged with aggravated assault. When police asked her why she attacked the child, she said she was trying to "break off the baby's arm so she could eat it." Lock her up. Please.

New Jersey Dunkin' Donuts customers were apparently getting more than pastries with their order. Last week, officials arrested Melissa Redmond, 29, after she was found to be using her break time to solicit sex from customers. Following a tip, officers set up surveillance on the donut shop and watched as Redmond took numerous 10- to 15-minute breaks during her night shift, walking out to customers' cars and performing sex acts in the parking lot. Redmond was arrested and charged with numerous prostitution charges. Talk about offering extra sugar. CV

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