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The Blazing Saddle
August 4, 2011

On The Tube

By Dean Robbins

‘Mad Fashion' takes clothing to crazy extremes

The subjects of Bravo reality series tend to be gargoyles: vile real housewives, greedy real estate people, ill-tempered chefs and airhead designers. So it's refreshing to meet Chris March's fashion team on "Mad Fashion" (Tuesday, 9:30 p.m., Bravo).

This crew of wig experts, seamsters, master builders and sundry assistants have a good time working on their extreme specialty outfits. They make witty comments, toss out arch movie references, tease one another and laugh easily. You too will laugh — or gasp — at the wild designs, such as dresses made out of shoes or sandpaper.

Half-seriously and half-ironically, March worships Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks as a deity. He writes her name inside each of his designs for good luck. "She blesses everything we make," he says.

I was going to thank God for this delightful reality series, but I guess the credit goes to Nicks.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Sunday, 9 p.m. (HBO)

Larry David's sitcom about his own life as a calculating Los Angeles TV writer is as brilliant as ever in its eighth season. David is the Mozart of deviousness, capable of seemingly endless variations.

You might have read that Larry's character will head from Los Angeles to New York during the season. The plot twist comes in this week's episode, and I guess I shouldn't tell you how it comes about. I'll only say that it's the result of sneakiness, lying and cowardice over an incredibly trivial matter.

But you probably already figured that out. CV

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