It's Your Money

July 28, 2011 |


Paid for by taxpayers in…


Polk County

(paid during the week of July 11)


Amount: $508.79

To: Adventure Lighting

For: Payment for equipment and repair services at the general services building.


Amount: $2,307.56

To: Altoona Herald-Mitchellville Index

For: Fee for publishing legal bills, public hearing announcements and proceedings.


Amount: $404.31

To: American Red Cross

For: Payment for 2-1-1 after hours coverage in accordance with contract.


Amount: $23,737.18

To: Anderson & Erickson Dairy

For: Purchase of dairy products for the Polk County Jail.


Amount: $815

To: Axacore Inc. (San Diego, Calif.)

For: Payment for annual support services countywide.


Amount: $12,675.55

To: Bob Barker Company Inc. (Charlotte, N.C.)

For: Purchase and shipping of numerous supplies for the jail, such as sandals, razors, soap, towels and combs.


Amount: $81

To: Burlap and Roses

For: Payment for leisure travel expenses for 27 Polk County residents to take a trip on June 28, including an escort and a driver at $3 per person.


Amount: $723.79

To: Casey's General Stores

For: Fuel purchases by Sheriff's Office employees for the month of June.


Amount: $750

To: Central Iowa Tourism Region

For: Payment for the fiscal year 2012 Matching Funds Program.


Amount: $500

To: Central Iowa Wind Ensemble

For: Community Betterment Grant payment.


Amount: $555

To: Champion Crane Services Inc.

For: Rental fees for two crane generators at a $277.50 rate per crane for the Polk County Riverplace location at 2309 Euclid Ave. in Des Moines.


Amount: $159.31

To: Clive Power Equipment

For: Purchase of mower parts, including an oil filter, air filter, notched blade, spark plugs and oil for the General Services Department.


Amount: $405

To: Dallas County Extension Office

For: Registration fee for a Sept. 14 training and travel for J. Kennedy.


Salaries and Such


Name Charles M. Palmer

Title Iowa Department of Human Services Director

Annual salary $150,000


Terms served Palmer was appointed to this position in January by Gov. Terry Branstad, and he served as director of the DHS for several years during Branstad's previous reign as governor.




The Des Moines City Council recently approved identification technician Danielle Galien to travel to Burlington, Ky., from Sept. 18-24, at a cost of $2,196, to attend advanced training in the field of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. The course will help prepare her for the examination necessary to obtain a Bloodstain Pattern Analyst certification.CV