It's Your Money

July 14, 2011 |


Paid for by taxpayers in…


Polk County

(paid during the week of July 4)


Amount: $1,192

To: A+ Lawn & Landscaping

For: Service to right-of-way areas and to restore a yard to its original condition.


Amount: $1,382

To: Adair County auditor

For: Payment for the autopsy fees of a Polk County resident who died in that county.


Amount: $805

To: American Fence Co. of Iowa Inc.

For: Grant expense from FEMA for the Polk County Conservation Board.


Amount: $875

To: K. Brown

For: Refund for a lodge reservation.


Amount: $1,468

To: Bureau of National Affairs

For: Publication fees for criminal law reports for the county attorney as per the customer contract.


Amount: $135.74

To: Central Iowa Regional Drinking Water Commission

For: Annual membership dues for fiscal year 2011-12 for the Board of Supervisors in order to maintain its governing status.


Amount: $1,830

To: Molly Kinser-Douglas

For: Payment for art therapist services provided.


Amount: $2,350

To: Koch Brothers

For: Payment for minor data processing equipment and hand tools for the county information technology department.


Amount: $554.36

To: McMaster-Carr Supply Co. (Elmhurst, Ill.)

For: Purchase and delivery of high-traction, two-part, anti-slip floor coatings and fuse holders.


Amount: $1,014

To: Reinhart Food Service

For: Purchase of fruits, vegetables and other produce foods for the jail.


Amount: $200

To: Des Moines Independent Community

For: Payment to the agency's trust fund for the purpose of bus sponsorships at East High School through the conservation department.


Amount: $37,770

To: Cramer & Associates Inc.

For: Grant expenses for the Ankeny to Woodward recreational trail.


Amount: $9,690

To: Correctional Visitation Technologies (Phoenix, Ariz.)

For: Service fees for one year of video visitation system services.


Salaries and Such


Name David E. Heaton

Title Iowa Representative (R-Mount Pleasant)

Years experience 5

Annual salary $25,000




Des Moines agribusiness, Kemin Industries Inc., was recently awarded a forgivable $1 million loan by the Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) to assist with the implementation of the Kemin Project under the terms and conditions of the Economic Development Financial Assistance Contract between IDED, Kemin and the City of Des Moines. The Kemin Project is proposing to invest about $39.6 million toward the implementation of its five-year Capital Improvement Plan to expand its home office, research and manufacturing facilities at 2100 Maury Street, as well as to retain 332 jobs and create 98 new Des Moines jobs. CV