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Worry about the kids instead of your salary


The economy is still tanked, and a big executive demands a salary hike for doing the job she was hired to do in the first place? Are you guessing someone from Wall Street or a big bank boss? Nope, it's Des Moines Public Schools Superintendent Nancy Sebring. It's a "pay or I'm out of here" gambit. Add in a juicy back-story regarding nepotism — a sister on the payroll while living with another school system bigwig. Is this just a juicy tabloid tale or what? We need nosey newshounds to ferret out the facts and serve up the skinny. Whether gossip or goulash, citizens need in on the skinny. A democracy needs information with the leaders wearing see-through garments. Who benefits from executive pay bumps now? The city? Or fancy pants west side upscale car dealers?

Gary Wilson

Des Moines


Brewfest was a success


Just wanted say thanks for the wonderful section about Toppling Goliath in your recent cover story ("Brewfest," July 7). We really appreciate the exposure, and we were very excited to come to Des Moines. It was a fantastic festival, and we had a great time. We couldn't be happier with the turnout and look forward to participating next year.

Madison McMullen

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.



Corrections: In last week's Food Dude column ("Americana," July 7), we mistakenly listed the architect of the building as Van Hunt. The correct architect was Dan Hunt from Connect Architecture. Also, in a recent Our View editorial ("Balance needed across the board," July 7), we mistakenly listed that no members of the Des Moines Public School Board lived on the eastside. Connie Boesen does have an address at 3011 Don Lee Court.


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