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July 14, 2011 |

By Amber Williams


Rollin Rebels start recreational roller derby league


Coach Rebel Yellin' Rocket and blocker Rebellicious Sergtaz started the Rollin Rebels Recreational League for working women and busy mothers.

This one is for the ladies — or, rather, the women — out there who are intrigued by the sport of roller derby. The Rollin Rebels Recreational Roller Derby League is officially recruiting members, with a goal of 20 to comprise two bouting teams that will pioneer the league.

About 10 women have already joined the league, which is designed to be an alternative to the Women's Flat Track Association (WFTA) teams already in existence on the competitive circuit. The league still needs men or women for refereeing and non-skating officials and about 10 more women for the teams.

"There really are no major prerequisites to join," said coach and blocker for the team, Barb Riley (also known as Rebel Yellin' Rocket). "Our team is looking for people who want to be competitive and want to have fun."

"If they don't know how to skate, or haven't in years, we are willing to teach them," said Leanne Sergio, who is also a blocker for the team.

All skater participants on the Rollin Rebels must be female and at least 18 years of age; they must not have current medical issues that would prohibit full contact; they must be willing to sign a waiver and Code of Conduct; pay a $20 monthly due; and, in order to be a member of the team, maintain a 60 percent practice percentage and a 70 percent practice percentage to be on the roster during a bout.
The Rollin Rebels are tentatively planning to hold matches at the Val Air Ballroom and practice on Tuesdays nights. However, times and dates are to be announced, they said.

"If any team wants to have a scrimmage with us, we are open to it," said Riley, who was a multi-position player, a jammer and a blocker with the WTFA-affiliated Des Moines Derby Dames/Crash Test Dolls.

She and Sergio both left the Derby Dames due to their busy schedules, but their love for the game and the sport inspired them to start a recreational league of their own, with fewer time constraints.

"I was on a leave, due to an injury I was working to rehab, from my former team (the Derby Dames)," Sergio said. "I got to talking with my good friend Rocket, and we dreamt all this up. Now it's becoming reality for us. We both love the sport and love the camaradarie.

"Joining a derby team was one of the best things I did," she continued. "I made friends that will last a lifetime. Plus, I did it for exercise and to get in shape. As a very busy mother of two boys, my time is limited, and this has given me the time to be with other mothers, other professionals and have fun with a bunch of good people from all different walks of life."

Most of the women in the recreational league are career women, wives and mothers who can't devote the amount of time the WTFA teams demand, they said.

"If someone wants to have fun and give derby a try, start with us," Riley said. "We practice one day a week with no time constraints, and it's a great way to get into shape with a bunch of fun professional women who have a bit of a 'wild child' in them."

For more information, find their Facebook page, or email CV