It's Your Money

June 30, 2011 |


Paid for by taxpayers in…


Polk County

(paid during the week of June 20)


Amount: $825

To: Accurate Pest Control

For: Monthly installment fee for pest control at all county buildings.


Amount: $294.91

To: Acorn Naturalists (Tustin, Calif.)

For: Purchase of display cases and a variety of animal replicas for the conservation department.


Amount: $1,020

To: Bruce D. Bernard & Associates

For: Service fees for facilitation of Healthy Polk Priority initiative including providing a list of all assets identified and categorized, elements of the definition and thoughts from participants.


Amount: $2,985.95

To: Brewer Wholesale Meats Inc.

For: Purchase of 1,000 pounds of ground beef and 1,000 pounds of meatballs for the jail.


Amount: $3,302

To: Workspace Inc.

For: Purchase of furniture for the jail including filing cabinets, a 42-inch laminate table and chairs plus the cost of delivery and installation.


Amount: $11,177.79

To: Camp Township

For: Service fees for the tax distribution of fire and emergency management services.

Amount: $17,269.66

To: City of Altoona

For: Fire and EMS tax distributions.


Amount: $100,011.80

To: City of Ankeny

For: Fire and EMS tax distributions.


Amount: $30,143.79

To: City of Bondurant

For: Fire and EMS tax distributions.

Amount: $410

To: Contractors Rental Company

For: Fees to rent a stump grinder on June 3 for general services.


Amount: $167.05

To: Cook's Correctional Kitchen Equipment (Warrenville, Ill.)

For: Purchase and shipping of one can opener and six mini turners for the jail.


Amount: $378

To: Copper Creek Cinemas

For: Purchase of 56 movie tickets to see "Kung Fu Panda 2" and 12 kids' packs for the Norwoodville Summer Camp outing on June 9.


Salaries and Such


Name Lisa Heddens

Title Iowa State Representative (D-Ames)

Years experience 8

Annual salary $25,000




City Engineer Kerri Przybylski was recently approved by the Des Moines City Council to travel to Glenview, Ill., from July 31-Aug. 6, to attend the Peer Fitness Trainer Certification Program. The class is said to provide Przybylski with the tools to become a Peer Fitness Trainer, in order to get the skills required to implement a department fitness program, improve the wellness of fire fighters and design a physical training program for new recruits. The cost for the trip is $1,302. CV