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June 30, 2011 |
The good


Here's one for the heartstrings, literally. Last year, one cop's heart attack led to a campaign to outfit 80 Des Moines squad cars with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Recently retired cop Dan Dusenbery, who spearheaded the campaign, received a large boost toward his goal with an anonymous gift through the Central Iowa Chapter of the American Red Cross, which purchased 57 Cardiac Science Power Heart G3s plus automatic AEDs for the force. The two have joined forces in recognition of the importance of safety and human life.


The Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority has teamed up with the Des Moines Symphony for the Yankee Doodle Pops Drive Against Hunger by collecting food donations on the D-Line Downtown Shuttle. The food collected will be donated to the Food Bank of Iowa between now and July 1. Food donations must be nonperishable and packaged in a can, plastic or box. Take a free ride and help out your hungry neighbors.


The bad


Yes, the Amish do text. Willard Yoder, 21, was arrested in Indiana last week after he made plans to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. According to police, Yoder came in contact with the girl after sending random text messages to an array of numbers, and she replied. From there, Yoder began sending hundreds of sexually explicit messages, including nude pictures, to her phone. When the girl's parents found the texts, they contacted police, who posed as the girl and set up a date with Yoder at a local restaurant. Yoder showed up right on time in a horse-drawn buggy. Police apprehended Yoder, and he was charged with four felony counts for allegedly soliciting sex from the minor.


With the healthcare system in the U.S. becoming so costly, we can hardly criticize this guy for his crime. Last week, North Carolina resident Richard James Verone, 59, was arrested after robbing a bank for a $1. His reason — he needed medical care and knew he'd get it in prison. Verone has no medical insurance but has a slew of problems including two ruptured disks in his back, a problem with his foot and an undiagnosed growth on his chest. With no solution in site, he walked into a bank, handed a teller a note asking for $1 and then waited for police to show up. In a TV interview, Verone stated, "I wanted to make it known that this wasn't for monetary reasons, but for medical reasons."


The ugly


This guy defines being a shitty criminal. Denver police are searching for a man who was discovered hiding inside a porta-potty, peeping on the people using it. According to Boulder police, a woman who was attending the Boulder Yoga festival on June 17 entered a porta-potty and noticed something inside the tank below the seat. She went outside and told a man, who looked inside and saw a person below the seat trying to cover himself up with a tarp. A supervisor waited outside the porta-potty to see if anyone would emerge. Eventually, a man with no shoes or shirt and covered with feces exited the portable toilet. The supervisor tried to detain the suspect, but he slipped away and fled the scene. Police are still trying to sniff him out.


You can apparently do whatever you want without getting in much trouble when you're an Iowa Hawkeye athlete. Last week, former Iowa football player Cedric Everson was sentenced to a week — yes, a week — in jail for his role in an alleged sexual assault of a former student athlete in 2007. Earlier this year, his partner in the alleged crime, Abe Satterfield, was fined after pleading to a lesser charge and agreeing to testify against Everson. So much for Hawkeye pride. CV