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June 30, 2011 |
By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor


Event business is no easy deal


We got into the event business in recent years, mostly by accident. Our Brewfest, Martinifest and Best of Des Moines celebrations have drawn large crowds. Those are certainly successes. We have, unfortunately, held a few flops, too, including a Swimsuit Fashion Show, a Fall Cycling Festival and a Pre-season Tailgate Pub Crawl. We lived, and we learned — a lot.

Events can succumb to factors outside of the organizer's control, mainly weather. They can be scheduled with conflicting events that can split the potential crowd. And some are simply bad ideas from the beginning.

I watched Amedeo Rossi struggle with many of the stresses that come with event planning, but his dream of an 80/35 Music Festival became a reality and is now one of Des Moines' signature events. Rossi's event team is chock full of talented professionals who deserve credit. We offer the details of the event and pay our respect to those who continue to make it a success. They have taught us all a thing or two about event management, and we are all the better for it.

Thanks for reading. CV