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June 9, 2011 |
By Dean Robbins


Pee and puke, respectability be damned

Tony Awards

Sunday, 7 p.m. (CBS)


I've always admired Matt Stone and Trey Parker ("South Park") for their commitment to bad taste, albeit bad taste redeemed by comic genius. These guys are dedicated to pee and puke, respectability be damned.

But what do we have here? Stone and Parker's Broadway show, "The Book of Mormon," has been nominated for 14 Tony awards, including Best Musical. That's more nominations than any other production.

A big win at the glittering prime-time Tony ceremony would bring - gulp - respectability. If Stone and Parker don't pee or puke when accepting their awards, I will be deeply disillusioned.


The Real Story

Sunday, 7 p.m. (Smithsonian Channel)


This enjoyable documentary interviews paleontologists about the scientific accuracy of "Jurassic Park." Believe it or not, the scientists argue that a dinosaur really could be re-created from DNA preserved in amber; it's just that no one has found the right hunk of amber yet. "I think [it] will become a reality one day," says Princeton professor Lee Silver.

That's a fun idea - until you learn that it's more than just an idea. Some eminent scientists are trying to bring dinosaurs back to life right now, when you and I are around to run screaming from their murderous rampages. Dr. Hans Larsson of McGill University, for one, is manipulating chicken embryos to bring out the animal's latent dinosaur features.

Obviously, none of these scientists bothered to watch the end of "Jurassic Park," when all hell broke loose. Somebody had better screen it for them, and fast, before we all get pecked to death by a 20-foot escapee from KFC. CV