It's Your Money

May 26, 2011 |


Paid for by taxpayers in…


West Des Moines

(paid during the week of May 16)


Amount: $2,911.16

To: ABC Electrical Contractors

For: Repair drive lights, light poles, truck bay lights and voice and data systems, replace emergency lights and ground breakers and other electrical needs for the city.


Amount: $772

To: Arrow Stage Lines (Norfolk, Neb.)

For: Senior day trip to Omaha, Neb., through the Parks and Recreation Department.


Amount: $346

To: ADP Screening and Selection Services (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Background checks for 16 potential new hires through the Human Resources Department.


Amount: $2,528.29

To: Affiliated Credit Services (Rochester, Minn.)

For: Payment for commission on state offset funds received by the West Des Moines Emergency Medical Services Department.


Amount: $790

To: Aquaclear Lake Management Inc.

For: Payment for lake management services, including algae and aquatic weed control.


Amount: $400

To: Business Publications LLC

For: Purchase of a banner ad to run on the Business Record website 12 times.

Amount: $384

To: Badge Express (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)

For: Purchase and shipping of 100 badges to Emily Ricke of the City of West Des Moines.


Amount: $540

To: Bob's Septic and Mobile Toilet Services, Inc.

For: Rental payments for several portable toilet units at numerous park locations for the month of May.


Amount: $582.72

To: Brockway Mechanical and Roofing

For: Payment for labor and materials for roof work at the Public Works building, including gutter removal, flashing and gutter edge installation and asphalt cleaning, priming and cementing.

Amount: $981.41

To: Brownells Inc.

For: Several fire arms cleaning and maintenance products plus ammunition for the police department.


Amount: $7,436.95

To: Carpenter Uniform Co.

For: Purchase of new uniforms, body armor and boots for the fire department.


Amount: $1,396.93

To: CDW Government Inc. (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Purchase and shipping of packs and rolls of thermal paper for the police department.

Amount: $390.85

To: Chief Supply (Atlanta, Ga.)

For: Purchase of four road flares for the police department, including $164.85 in shipping fees.


Salaries and Such


Name Steven N. Olson

Title State Representative (R-DeWitt)

Years experience 8

Annual salary $24,327



At the request of Johnston Land Acquisition Inc., the Clive City Council recently approved a resolution to hold a public hearing on June 2 at 7 p.m., where the council and public will consider a proposed rezoning of 1.1 acres of property located north of Hickman Road and east of Alice's Road from an R-1 single family residential district to an R-2 one and two family district in order to accommodate the development of additional single family residential lots.