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Life is a scam


One of Kent Carlson's recent commentary" ("The Art of the Steal," May 19) rang familiar and reinforced my life's early lessons. I was introduced to the game early on. My Iowa to Los Angeles dad was wingman to a world of gamblers, bookies and guys on the make. He hung in classy Surf 'n' Turf joints with a Rat Pack crew in swank suits. I was the kid at the bar drawing on napkins while observing the score. Beautiful and aromatic babes nuzzled my cheek and slipped me coin of the realm. I watched, I saw, I learned. Life is a scam — business, politics and relationships.

Little known is that con man is short for confidence man; they traffic in practiced poise and a soothing assurance. They know the inside skinny: everyone is on the make, women, too. The game is the same, you hunt down your prospect to get what you need — money, position, sex even marriage. Scams are ubiquitous; you may be running one right now. If you have doubts check your premises, how do they mesh with your actions? Confluence or dissonance? C'mon don't be a sap, we all know the score. Trust no stranger, even if it's your best friend.

Gary Wilson

Des Moines


The Lift celebrates a decade


It was great to see The Lift profiled in Cityview (Belly Up, May 19, 2011). Ten years ago when The Lift opened, they received a lot of press because they were — oh, my gosh — the first smoke-free bar in Des Moines. Amedeo and partners were way ahead of the curve on that one! My congratulations and thanks to them for their vision in leading the way. And thank you to Cityview for covering it.

Carl Voss

Des Moines


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