It's Your Money

April 21, 2011 |


Paid for by taxpayers in…


Polk County


(paid during the week of April 11)


Amount: $2,351.67

To: Bob Oliver Heating & Air Conditioning

For: Purchase of weatherization materials and labor to install residential assistance.

Amount: $1,306.25

To: Bruce Bernard & Associates

For: Payment for contracted services for March.

Amount: $1,430

To: Calhoun County

For: Payment for out-of-county autopsy/investigation fees.

Amount: $468.41

To: Casey’s General Stores

For: Purchase of fuel for two separate accounts.

Amount: $520

To: Des Moines Asian Foods

For: Miscellaneous purchases for the Central Senior Center Luncheon on April 2.

Amount: $676.53

To: Des Moines Skywalk Association

For: Second quarterly assessment dues and fees.

Amount: $10,810

To: Earlham Savings Bank and Loan

For: Fees for lead abatement services of two undisclosed addresses in the county through the United States Department of Agriculture.

Amount: $700

To: Kim Evans

For: Reimbursement for an overpayment on private insurance.

Amount: $1,768.70

To: Frito Lay Inc.

For: A March purchase of 94 cases of Fritos and Cheetos at the jail.

Amount: $4,226.02

To: Grinnell Police Department

For: Payment for outside services for the Sheriff’s Department.

Amount: $775

To: Hamilton Funeral Home

For: Temporary assistance to help a resident with funeral expenses.

Amount: $2,600

To: Hygienic Laboratory

For: Payment for lab tests for lead between February and March.

Amount: $9,635.07

To: Payless Office Products

For: Purchase of office supplies/furniture for several county offices.

Amount: $8,000

To: Beacon of Life

For: Community Betterment Grant Fund award payment for program support.


Salaries and Such


Name Daryl Beall

Title Iowa Senator, (D-Fort Dodge)

Years experience 8

Annual salary $25,000




Patty Jennings, Research and Development Administrator, and Sarah Lynch, Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) & Homeownership Supervisor, were recently approved to travel to Springfield, Mass., from April 18-23 to attend training on the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Homeownership and FSS programs at a total cost of $4,766. The training will assist in the City’s implementation of the HCV Homeownership program and will assist in the creation of a self-sustaining FSS program.