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Giving back for future generations 


Although Michael Gartner had an interesting 0 percent plan (“A Simple Plan for a Zero Increase in Tuition,” April 7) recently, I had a few reactions.

First, tuition should be going up by at least the background inflation rate (currently about 2 percent) because otherwise we’re just passing on increases to future classes and that’s not fair. Second, I’m glad to hear Iowa is generally not subsidizing out-of-state students by charging less than the cost of providing that education.

However, what about athletes who go on to make millions? Why should they have their education subsidized via scholarships? Maybe we ought to start looking more at where the money is and have athletes who sign multimillion-dollar contracts upon graduation cover the cost of their subsidized scholarships so the next guy will be taken care of?

And what about the millions flowing through the stadiums and the football program? Why not harvest more of that revenue (advertising and such) in the form of “rent” to the university versus showering excesses on coaches, athlete perks and the whole coda of athletic worship. Do professional students or even lawyers and people going into medical careers pull their share? Are we subsidizing the cost of their professional tuition so that they can make hundreds of thousands in their professional careers? They ought to give back to the University and the taxpayers that helped give them a lift up.

At the end of the day, the Iowa universities provide a first-class educational experience that is generally 50 cents on the dollar when compared to other private universities. It is time for those who were given much by our universities to give more back so others may have a better shot at a brighter tomorrow.

John Norwood

West Des Moines


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