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March 17th, 2011 |

By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

Stubborn and arrogant yet generous and powerful

As a young man, I rarely looked to a daily newspaper for news. I simply didn’t see enough in it of interest to me at that young age. But I did look to a traditional newspaper (albeit in the high school library; I wasn’t going to pay for it) for a glimpse of my daily horoscope. That fine print produced so many accurate predictions that I became seriously intrigued. What started out as a humorous aside turned into a daily addiction that lasted for years. And it actually got me reading other parts of the paper as well.

More than a decade has passed since I last read my horoscope, but the fascination has never left me, and I assume, many of you, too. With that in mind, we take a look at the astrology versus astronomy debate in this week’s cover, fueled by the recent change in the signs of the Zodiac.

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