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March 17th, 2011 |
By Jared Curtis


‘The Fighter’

Directed by David O. Russell

Rated R, 115 minutes

After years of struggling to get “The Fighter” made, Mark Wahlberg finally got his boxing opus to the public. The “Rocky”-esque film follows the trials and tribulations of professional fighter “Irish” Micky Ward. Although it’s Walberg’s movie, he smartly lets the strong supporting cast shine, including Academy Award winner Melissa Leo as Micky’s domineering mother and Academy Award nominee Amy Adams as Charlene, Micky’s love interest. But the reason “The Fighter” works so well is Academy Award winner Christian Bale. Bale steals every scene as Micky’s brother, Dicky, a once-promising fighter who has turned to drugs and crime. Bale is such a good method actor that it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn he picked up a crack habit for the role. “The Fighter” is an average rise-to-glory tale, but the stellar supporting cast turns this film into a knockout. CV


‘American Psycho’

Directed by Mary Harron

2000, NC-17, 102 minutes

Christian Bale is one of the greatest actors working today, and his body of work (“Rescue Dawn,” the “Batman” trilogy, “The Prestige”) is tremendous. He’s an extreme method actor who takes ridiculous chances (he lost more than 60 pounds for “The Machinist”), but they pay off. His role in “American Psycho” was a huge leap as it showcased his dedication to a role, no matter the subject matter. As investment banker Patrick Bateman, Bale screams ’80s excess with his Valentino Suits, Oliver Peoples glasses and $100 haircut. He adores music and movies (he watches “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” while doing crunches), but behind the façade, Bateman is a homicidal maniac, killing at will whenever someone or something doesn’t go as he planned. “American Psycho” takes viewers on a journey through the mind of a man who is both a sadist and a perfectionist. It might be bloody and perverse, but it’s one hell of a ride. CV