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March 3rd, 2011 |



The good

Five of Des Moines' finest were honored with promotions effective Feb. 28. These cops have 93 years of collective experience and are considered DMPD veterans. Capt. Steve Waymire was promoted to Major commanding the Operations Division after 21 years with the Des Moines Police Department. He handed his Captain hat to 27-year veteran Lt. Tony Steverson, who will now be the Watch Commander on Third Patrol. The Public Information Officer seat changes yet again, as Sgt. Jeff Edwards accepts the Lieutenant job with 19 years of service to the department, assisting with third watch patrol. Sgt. Mark Wessels is now a Lieutenant serving as the Assistant Watch Commander of first watch patrol. Senior Officer Brad Kress also achieved the Sergeant slot on third watch patrol. Congratulations, guys.

This is America, and the last we checked citizens had the freedom to do what they want as long as it's law abiding. So we applaud the efforts of Wayne Whitfield, whose plan to open a firearm sales/repair shop on his Waterbury neighborhood property was approved last week by the city's Zoning Board of Adjustment. The city can only revoke Whitfield's permit if his business is not operated in compliance with conditions, but predictably, the neighbors complained about the business, arguing the shop is out of character of the neighborhood and would create a safety hazard. Let's hope Whitfield doesn't play his music too loudly in his shop.


The bad

Michigan resident Latanya Evans had a little too much to drink while behind the wheel and was called on it — not by the police or another driver — but by her child. Evans and her 9-year-old daughter entered a Bank of America branch to withdraw money. But instead of handing over a withdrawal slip, the little girl handed a note to the teller saying her mother was drunk, and she didn't want to get in the car with her. When the child refused to enter the car, Evans left her at the bank and drove away. A short time later, police stopped Evans, and after failing numerous sobriety tests, she was charged with driving under the influence (third offense) and driving on a suspended license.


What does hypocracy taste like? In Debra Oberlin's case — hoppy and bitter. The former Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Chapter President of the Gainesville, Fla., chapter was arrested last week for drunk driving. Gainesville Police noticed her driving erratically, so they pulled her over. When she did not perform the field sobriety tests successfully, she was arrested. At the station, a breath test revealed a blood-alcohol level at almost three times above the legal limit. Ouch… or as we say in Iowa, "OWI."


The ugly

Paul Kausalik defines potty mouth. The Colorado native was pulled over after failing to use a turn signal. When officers approached his vehicle, they could smell alcohol on his breath. After he was taken to the station, Kausalik said he needed to use the restroom before he took his official breathalyzer test. Officers then found him pretending to be asleep in the bathroom. When Kausalik came out of the bathroom, an officer noticed something in his mouth. When the officer approached Kausalik, he spit feces all over the officer's face. Kausalik charged with drunk driving as well as felony assault on a police officer. Looks like the shit really hit the fan.


While "Des Moines' finest" made Cityview's good column this week, a seeming Barney Fife moment also landed them in the ugly spot after a car chase led to a few embarrassing pitfalls. The series of events started during an early-morning stop Monday when an officer pulled over a 25-year-old, Paul Leach, for barely exceeding (3 mph over) the speed limit near the airport. Swailes gave chase through the city and crash landed south of Des Moines near New Virginia. Des Moines officers tried to use road spike strips like they've seen cops do in the movies but reportedly ended up only running them over themselves, destroying tires on at least two Des Moines police cruisers. But, they got their man. Leach was arrested in southern Warren County within the hour. He was charged with eluding, speeding and harrassment of a police officer.CV