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Is Branstad really the best?

I always look forward to reading the "Best of" issue (Feb. 24) of Cityview. However, when I was perusing the different categories, I almost went in to apoplectic shock! This has to be an early April fools joke? There is no way that Terry Branstad won for "Best Elected Official." When he chose not to seat a woman on the Iowa Supreme Court, does not believe in marriage equality and wants to send our state back to the dark ages instead of moving forward, that does not fit my description of "Best." "Best Elected Official?" My vote goes to Angela Connolly, Janet Petersen and Ruth Ann Gaines. Time to honor the service of women in our state and recognize their contributions. After all it is 2011.


Deb McMahon
Des Moines


More than a handful

Your staff believes ("Our View," Feb. 24) that "girls should not be wrestling boys" because of the possibility that one wrestler might "blatantly fondle the other." You also observe "this situation isn't covered by the rulebook . . . and would be difficult to regulate."

I am by no means an expert on wrestling and do not know how the rules would apply to this situation. I also recognize that there may be some very good reasons for not allowing female and male wrestlers to compete against each other — however, the reason your staff gives is not one of them. I must assume that the situation described in your editorial would be handled in the same manner as if two wrestlers of the same sex were competing against each other and one of them, as you put it, decided to "blatantly fondle the other." Or does your staff think that situation is easier to "regulate?"

Jon Sullivan
Des Moines






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