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Stores will not come back

I’m sorry for all the lost retail on the south and east sides of Des Moines (“Headed South,” Feb. 10). East 14th Street and Euclid Avenue has been without a major retailer for many years, and it is a busy intersection. Southridge should have a lot of traffic from all the cars going south on East 14th Street, but the problem both locations face is that the roads actually funnel traffic away. Major retailers build bigger stores in suburbia, and eastsiders find there is more selection and better prices in Ankeny and Altoona. The River Target had no trouble moving to Merle Hay Mall, because they knew their customers would follow them west. In an era of cheap gas, convenience and closeness were forgotten. Now that gas isn’t so cheap, there is no place local left to shop — the stores have left and will not come back as long as we are still willing to travel to them.

Jeni Nosbisch
Des Moines


Public employee collective bargaining

I wonder if any of our current legislators remember why the existing system of collective bargaining for public employees was enacted back in the early 1970s. It was to prevent the ruinous public employee strikes like those that were occurring in other states. Gov. Robert Ray and his Republican legislature enacted the current system in order to be fair to both state employees and taxpayers. The purpose of this system was to avoid public disruption of state services. The system worked! There have been no public employee strikes in Iowa! If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! You are just asking for trouble if you do!

Gary Thelen
West Des Moines



[Editor’s note: Just stating the facts.]

Correction: In a recent issue (“Headed South,” Feb. 10), we mistakenly stated that Southridge Mall is the only mall in the Des Moines city limits. Although Merle Hay Mall is located on the border of the Urbandale city limits, most of it has a Des Moines address.






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