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February 24th, 2011 |

Time for the ‘Best’

Week in and week out, we provide our opinions on a variety of subjects. But for one week, we dedicate an issue to our readers’ opinions on what they consider to be the “Best.” This is that week. What once was a simple readers’ poll with just a few hundred votes has grown to become a 178-question survey with more than 6,000 responses.

A few years ago, we converted the voting process to completely online, eliminating the paper ballots. In the early years, we hand counted each vote, and we could spot the cheaters who would make copies of their filled-out ballots. The technology of cheating has changed, but we still catch the blatantly fraudulent efforts by identifying multiple and identical votes from the same IP address. So for the person who repeatedly voted for “Eric Rowley at Juice” as the best looking male media personality 179 times in a row, we regret to tell you that your cheating didn’t work. Some folks apparently have too much time on their hands. For the rest of you, we appreciate you taking the time to vote.

Enjoy the results, and thanks for reading. CV