dvd reviews

February 24th, 2011 |
By Jared Curtis


'Get Low'

Directed by Aaron Schneider

Rated PG-13, 100 minutes

With its era depression setting and slow burning pace, "Get Low" seemed like a forgettable film. But once its two stars (Robert Duvall and Bill Murray) begin engulfing scenes with their remarkable skills, audiences become mesmerized with what's going to happen next. Frank (Murray) is a small town funeral parlor owner, who along with his employee, Buddy (Lucas Black), spends his days waiting for people to die. Everything changes when a hermit named Felix (Duvall) comes through the door with a wad of cash, looking for someone to take care of his impending funeral. Felix has one stipulation — he wants the funeral to be held before he dies so he can hear what all the town folks have to say about him and hold a raffle for his possessions. "Get Low" offers a great mix of humor and heart, and thanks to the outstanding performances of Duvall and Murray, is definitely worth viewing. CV



Directed by Wes Anderson

1998, Rated R, 93 minutes

Director Wes Anderson is an auteur in the truest sense ("Bottle Rocket," The Royal Tenenbaums," "The Life Aquatic"), only slipping up once ("The Darjeeling Limited"). His best film, "Rushmore," is a smart and witty film about two friends — Max (Jason Schwartzman), a private school student whose grades are dropping thanks to him starting numerous clubs (18, including the Bombardment Society and the Rushmore Beekeepers), and Herman (Bill Murray), a rich businessman whose wife is cheating on him and whose twin sons despise him. Their unorthodox relationship takes a wicked turn as the two fall in love with a teacher (Olivia Williams), and paybacks ensue. "Rushmore" is a tremendous film thanks in part to the outlandish school plays Max puts on (a "Serpico" remake and one dealing with the Vietnam war), an amazing performance from Bill Murray and a perfect pop soundtrack. CV