rap sheet

February 17th, 2011 |
Compiled by Matt Miller matt@dmcityview.com


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Name that crime


Feb. 7


A. Accused of possession of schedule II narcotics.


B. Accused of second-degree theft and no driver’s license or failure to have driver’s license in possession.


C. Accused of escape or absence from custody (committed to institute).


D. Accused of operating while intoxicated (third or subs. offense)


E. Accused of assault with intent to inflict serious injury and assault causing bodily injury or mental illness.


F. Accused of operating while intoxicated (first offense) and eluding/attempting to elude (under 25 mph excess).


Answers for Name That Crime from page 10: 1)C 2)A 3)F 4)B 5)E 6)D