good bad ugly

February 17th, 2011 |



The good

The less fortunate in Iowa have something to be happy about as more than $73,000 was collected during this year’s Scan Away Hunger. Sponsored by Hope Ministries, the Scan Away Hunger effort ran from Thanksgiving through Christmas and added an optional $2.80 to Hy-Vee shoppers’ grocery bills each time they “scanned” a plate. Hope Ministries is a privately-funded organization that provides food, clothing, shelter and recovery services to homeless individuals in Des Moines and across the state of Iowa.


Four-year-old Averie Carrion is a hero in our book. On Super Bowl Sunday, she was riding with her mother Jamie and her 20-month-old brother Abel, when Jamie hit a patch of ice near Alton and rolled the truck several times. Awaking from the crash, Jamie panicked when she heard Abel screaming and crying, but not Averie. Jamie was stuck in the car but luckily found her phone and dialed 911. Little Averie had escaped the crash unharmed and walked a quarter-mile to the farmhouse of Jean and Patrick Zenk, asking for help. The Zenks brought the little girl in and warmed her up. Patrick went to see where she had come from when he came across the accident. It’s great to see a child who knew what to do, and it’s even better that nobody was seriously hurt.


The bad

Only in Minnesota. Rosemount resident Richard Michael Marquardt, 35, was arrested last week after he used a pre-pubescent girl for child porn. According to officials, Marquardt become a suspect after an 8-year-old girl told her mother that he had taken more than 10 naked photos of her since she was 4. After a search warrant, officers seized a computer, a digital camera, a cell phone and other items, eventually finding photographs and video of the girl that were dated from 2006 to 2010. The images, according to police, showed the girl wearing dirty diapers and urinating on herself. Marquardt was charged with five felony counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of possession of pornography involving minors.


There’s nothing super about this. A class-action lawsuit has been brought against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, his team and the NFL after 400 fans were denied seats during Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6. The federal lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages for the plaintiffs. Currently the league is offering two options: a ticket to the 2012 Super Bowl and $2,400 (three times the face value of their tickets) or entry to a future title game with round-trip airfare and lodging accommodations. The NFL has not commented on the lawsuit.


The ugly

Look at this photo, kids, as this is what methamphetamine does to you. Nominee for Best Mug Shot of the Year goes to California resident Marsha Guinn, 36. A deputy pulled over Guinn because of a false registration tag but ran a warrant check on the passengers after remembering Guinn, who had been arrested a month prior for possession of methamphetamine. While running checks, the deputy saw Guinn hide something under the seat, which was discovered to be a black bag containing an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine. Guinn was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. No word yet if she will be charged with a bad haircut as well.


Some teachers just don’t get it. Last week Carlisle police arrested Alexander Patrick Dyer, the high school band teacher, on charges of sexual exploitation by a school employee and lascivious sexual contact with a minor. Dyer, 34, had taught concert band, jazz band and marching band the past three years at the school. There’s no sweet music to this story at all. CV