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‘The most disturbing thing I have ever seen’

I’ve been reading Cityview for many years now, but the piece by Jane Orient (“Guest Commentary Feb. 10) was by far the most disturbing thing I have ever seen you print. It was a completely fact-free propaganda piece, and a shameful example of where media today has gone. No more do we present fact as fact; instead we just blankly present opposing viewpoints, with no analysis, under the guise of balance. Where is the fact checking? Where are the responsible editors that used to refuse to be conduits for this type of cynical agitprop? Come on guys, we don’t need another CNN.

Jeff Sharp
Des Moines


Register bashing

After not seeing you guys bash The Des Moines Register for a few editions, I’d thought you’d maybe matured and gotten over your weekly badmouthing of our daily. But a recent edition, (“Civic Skinny,” Feb. 10) laid that to rest. I’m no fan of the Register and wish it were free of the Gannett harness, but I must point out that circulation declines are happening to newspapers all over the country, look it up. What happened to cause such hatred? Did one of you guys get canned from the Register? What’s with this continual snit? For that matter, how many paid subscriptions does Cityview have? Zero! I rest my case.

Harold Swihart
Des Moines


[Editor’s note: Just stating the facts.]

Correction: In a recent issue (“Headed South,” Feb. 10), we mistakenly stated that Southridge Mall is the only mall in the Des Moines city limits. Although Merle Hay Mall is located on the border of the Urbandale city limits, most of it has a Des Moines address.






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