Joe Slade White

Iowa native who worked for McGovern, Hughes and Biden rises to top of political advertising field


In a career spanning four decades, Iowa native Joe Slade White, one of the nation’s leading Democratic political advertising professionals, has molded messages for more than 400 candidates and causes.

He even earned himself a valued spot on President Nixon’s infamous “enemies” list in the early months of his life in politics.


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Cows, Deace, Pollock and Branstad’s grandkids


“I think it’s inappropriate to talk about my grandchildren” in connection with the dispute over whether there should be state-supported preschools, Gov. Terry Branstad told The Des Moines Register the other day after reporter Staci Hupp nicely pointed out that his own granddaughter, Mackenzie, attends such a school in West Des Moines. “But I guess that’s politics,” added the governor, who opposes the free schooling for all four-year-olds.

Well, yes.

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Iowa natives Reeves and Roberts riding waves of success


Jason Reeves left the comforts of his hometown of Iowa City six years ago to pursue a music career in Los Angeles, where today he thrives as one of the town’s rising stars. But he hasn’t forgotten his Iowa roots and looks forward to playing the legendary Maintenance Shop in Ames this weekend for the first time.

“I have been to shows there, and I love the venue. It’s exciting to play there,” said the 26-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist. “I have family coming from Iowa City to see the show. They’re amazing like that.”


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Soul Chic — Patton’s evokes bygone graces

My mother used to say that any number of new tearooms might open in greater Des Moines, but there would never be another Tea Room. Her upper case reverence was reserved for Younkers Tea Room, a downtown institution from 1889 - 2002.

Mom loved its zeitgeist more than its menu. It was a place where luncheon was always a major occasion, good manners were prerequisite, and challenges to its unofficial dress code were unthinkable. By the random laws of reincarnation, such wind-grieved ghosts sometimes come back again — just not where one might expect them.


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