good bad ugly

February 3rd, 2011 |



The good

Many people tune into the nightly news broadcast for sports. And why shouldn’t they when local sportscaster Keith Murphy is on the air? As WHO-HD Sports Director, Murphy was recently named Iowa Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sportscaster and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame. He will be honored during the 52nd Annual Awards May 14-16 in Salisbury, N.C. Murphy has the looks, the talent and the charisma to deliver sports news in an entertaining way. Iowa radio voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes, Gary Dolphin, and Cedar Rapids Gazette sportswriter, Mike Hlas, will also be honored. Congratulations, Murph.


Iowa scholars will soon reap the benefits of some smart financial decisions made the lead-up to Gov. Terry Brandstad’s Jan. 14 inaugural celebration. Of the nearly $1 million contributed to the party, the Branstad administration only used $300,000. The remaining $700,000 will be used for scholarships among high school students headed into the medical or health fields, and children of Iowans who have died on active military duty since Sept. 11, 2001. Comparably, former Gov. Chet Culver’s 2007 party cost nearly $700,000. Former Gov. Tom Vilsack’s 1999 inaugural cost approximately $650,000.


The bad

The cable or Internet must have gone out on Joshua Harlow last week. The 25-year-old Des Moines resident was arrested and booked into the Polk County Jail in the middle of the night after he stole a Mediacom truck. According to police reports, Mediacom workers had reported the vehicle missing when they tried to return to it in the 2700 block of East Madison Avenue. The vehicle was spotted, and Harlow took off and eluded law enforcement for 30 minutes. Harlow allegedly threw computers out of the van before his tires were punctured by law enforcement and he was captured in Martensdale.


Miriam Smith, 65, was arrested after she confessed to hanging and burning a dog, not because it attacked her but because it attacked her Bible. Officials say the dog belonged to Smith’s nephew, who noticed the dog was missing and asked Smith about it. Smith admitted to killing the animal, which she continually referred to as a “devil dog.” Smith reportedly told police that she killed the dog, stating it had chewed on her Bible, and she was concerned the dog might attack neighborhood kids. Smith said she hung the dog with an extension cord from a tree and then set it on fire. She was charged with a felony count of ill treatment of animals. Talk about a Bible beater.


The ugly

California resident Fernando Solano, 31, just made the list of super deadbeat dads. Solano was arrested last week after he beat his girlfriend unconscious and then proceeded to pummel the couple’s 18-month-old baby, leaving the child with a bloody nose. Police arrived at the apartment on a domestic abuse call and discovered Solano’s girlfriend with cuts and bruises on her face, a swollen eye and the baby with a bloody nose. The victim reported that Solano beat her outside of her apartment before he dragged her inside where he continued to beat, kick and choke her until she was unconscious. He allegedly used a knife to slash her face multiple times. Although Solano fled the scene before officers arrived, officials found him at a local bowling alley. Solano was charged with attempted murder, domestic violence, violating a restraining order and child endangerment.


In other hell-bound, scumbag news, Louisiana native Catherine Lowe, 34, was charged with murder after she allegedly beat her 5-year-old stepdaughter senseless and then tried to drop the child off at daycare as she was near death. Doctors say the girl was dead for at least two hours when she arrived at the hospital for care. After an autopsy, officials discovered the girl had been so badly abused that her stomach was severed from her intestines. Investigators compared the injury to a car accident victim. Lowe attempted to drop the child off at daycare, but workers stated the child looked desperately ill and begged Lowe to take her to the emergency room. When she didn’t, they called the girl’s father, who eventually transported the girl to the hospital. Lowe and the girl’s father were charged with negligent homicide, but Lowe’s charges were upgraded to first-degree murder after investigators interviewed witnesses connected to the case. CV