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Comic book culture

Cityview’s recent cover story (“The Changing Culture of Comic Books,” Jan. 20) expertly outlined the dilemma comic book publishers, wholesalers and retailers face as reading norms change. Some fan boys fear the loss of the kitschey comfort afforded by rag pages in screaming primary colors. Others shrug and pleasure themselves with downloads via omnipresent electronic goodies. No bankable future attends. Nearly 60 years ago another conflict created contentious camps. Psychologists portrayed comic books as brain washing the young with sexual innuendo. Publishers then adapted, regrouped and exist still. Whatever today˙s outcome, many of us will continue to read comics on paper or online.

Gary Wilson
Des Moines


Food Dude scores

The recent Food Dude column regarding the eating habits of local sports teams (“Marriott buffet scores big victory,” Jan. 20) is the funniest and best sports/food column ever written. It was insanely great!

Steven Zanvil Sawolkin
West Des Moines


Read The Tea Leaves

Iowa’s greyhound dog racing is a dying industry. Without $12 million in subsidy payments from Harrah’s Casino in Council Bluffs and Mystique Casino in Dubuque, the industry would cease to exist. A significant portion of the subsidies goes to greyhound dog kennels that are located out of state. Recent studies have indicated that over 40 percent of greyhounds come from kennels out of state. Greyhound dog racing interests need to read the tea leaves — the greyhound dog racing industry is not sustainable and three states even voted down greyhound dog racing in the last year.

With the removal of greyhound dog racing at the Council Bluffs and Dubuque tracks, more funding would be available for local charities, schools and nonprofit organizations. It’s time for our state legislators to eliminate greyhound dog racing during the current legislative session.

Mitch Henry
Des Moines






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