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Guns don’t kill people…

Iowa’s new and nutso gun laws (“Packing Heat,” Jan 6) guarantee more shootouts with the cops on domestic abuse calls, road rage dust-ups and restaurant check disputes. The state might require each resident to own AK-57s, full automatic shotguns and designer bazookas. Gun racks will blossom on a greenies’ Prius. Glenn Beck rallies are assured; attendees will pump hot rounds skyward mirroring a rocket’s red glare. Grab your pitchforks everyone and toss common sense on the pyre.

Gary Wilson
Des Moines


Steve King is insane

A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), attempts to subvert the 14th Amendment by rewriting the citizenship clause to restrict citizenship to only three categories of people — children of U.S. citizens or nationals, children of permanent residents and children of non-citizens in active-duty military service. The proposed legislation violates the constitutional guarantee that all people born in the U.S. and under its jurisdiction are U.S. citizens entitled to equal protection under the law. Further, it would violate long-established Supreme Court precedent. In addition, this radical proposal would deny citizenship to large segments of U.S. society including U.S.-born children to parents with lawful status such as refugees, foreign investors, scientists, engineers, artists, athletes, scholars and graduate students. I have trouble believing that this guy is really a Catholic!

Gary Thelen
West Des Moines



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