dvd reviews

January 20th, 2011 |
By Jared Curtis


‘Piranha 3D’

Directed by Alexandre Aja

Rated R, 88 minutes

Although I despise director Alexandre Aja’s continual remaking of films (“The Hills Have Eyes,” “Mirrors,” “Piranha”), I was more than excited to see “Piranha 3D” in theaters this past summer. And that is exactly where you should have seen this film — in theaters with 3D. But for interested skin and gore hounds thinking of renting, there are still plenty of gnawed limbs floating around and more naked women than you’ll find in a late night Cinemax skin flick. The story about prehistoric piranhas attacking a spring break destination is as cheesy as it sounds, but this isn’t a film with integrity. This is a film about blood, guts, boobs and funny one-liners. Add in a veteran cast (Elisabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames), plenty of nude chicks (thank you Kelly Brock, Riley Steele and Gianna Michaels) and some great cameos (Richard Dreyfuss and Eli Roth), and you have one of the goriest rides released in 2010. CV


‘Cabin Fever’

Directed by Eli Roth

2002, Rated R, 93 minutes

Do I blame director Eli Roth for the “torture porn” genre? Yes. His film “Hostel” marked the beginning of the end with how far directors could push their kills on screen, and it opened the floodgates of mediocre horror films. But before “Hostel,” Roth debuted with one of my favorite horror movies of all time, “Cabin Fever.” It’s a simple, but effective story — five friends (Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent and Joey Kern) head to a cabin in the woods to celebrate graduation but soon become overrun by a flesh-eating virus that has trickled into the water supply. One by one, they go crazy as their flesh falls off in chunks. Along with the disease, they have to deal with rednecks, inadequate cops, a pancake-loving karate kid and wild dogs. “Cabin Fever” will make you laugh, cringe and puke in glee. Why wouldn’t you want to see this film? CV