Winter A&E


A celebration of winter

Other than this most recent blast of snow, we have had a mild winter in central Iowa this year. Even so, we continue to be surprised by the number of Iowans who grumble every time a snowstorm is forecasted.

This is Iowa.

Snow falls here.

Every year.

So as born-and-raised Iowans, we not only accept the snow, we roll around and play in it. And we think you should, too.

In this week’s cover story, we offer a realm of arts and entertainment activities to keep you busy this winter so you can actually enjoy the cooler temps and all the frosty white stuff. If after reading this you still can’t find a way to enjoy the winter weather activities, then we suggest a lengthy southern vacation to help bring back your senses. Or if that doesn’t work, you might want to seriously consider renting a moving van. But before you do that, give Iowa winters a real chance and try to enjoy all that the season brings.


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Wow! Boswell, Vilsack, impeachment, King and mendacity


Supporters of the Iowa Supreme Court — caught more or less flat-footed by the successful campaign to oust three judges in November — are taking very seriously the talk in the Iowa House about impeaching the four remaining justices. “I think it has a 50 percent chance of actually succeeding in the House,” says a seasoned pol who hates the idea.

And if it does....

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Korn continues to hammer away at its nu metal sound


Seventeen years later, with more than 38 million album sales and two Grammy Awards to their credit, Korn continues to hammer away at its pioneering nu metal sound with the kind of enthusiasm that catapulted them from the clubs of Bakersfield, Calif., in 1993 to mainstream America with breakthrough records like “Follow the Leader,” “Issues” and “Untouchables.”

When the “Monster Energy Music As A Weapon 5 Tour” plays Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines on Saturday, Jan. 15, it will mark the second show on the first-ever tour for Korn in which the band will share headlining duties with its friends Disturbed. The idea for the 45-city tour of medium-sized markets in North America came about when frontmen Jonathan Davis of Korn and David Draiman of Disturbed decided to bring their bands’ music to loyal fans who don’t live in major markets.


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Ringing in the new — Part II


Within the local food scene, 2010 went out with a bang. In the final quarter, people opened new restaurants and created new products at a pace unseen for years. It’s a good news, better news situation for a change.

Flour is the latest minimalist café to open in the Western Gateway. Communal seating and self-service ordering don’t appeal to everyone, but they help a small place function efficiently during lunch rush. Owner Carly Groben says she opened this pizzeria to cover an underserved niche.

“I just didn’t see much here in the way of Sfincione (Sicilian style pizza), especially sold by the slice. So I spent some time in New York City eating at as many Sicilian pizzerias as I could,” Groben said, adding that she synthesized her own creation from those experiences.


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