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December 30, 2010



The good

Next year can’t come soon enough for the Salisbury House Foundation, which recently received a $125,000 Legacy Grant to help repair and restore the historic museum and culture center in Des Moines. The money will help the restoration project after water damaged the interior limestone walls in the Great Hall and Indian Room. The 42-room estate was built and furnished in the 1920s and serves thousands of guests annually for programs, educational tours and private and corporate events. Work is scheduled to begin in early 2011.


The good news keeps on getting better for the Salvation Army. A 1 oz. South African Gold Krugerrand was discovered last week at Dahl’s on Fleur Drive. The gold coin is worth approximately $1,400. Although the bell ringing portion of the campaign ended on Dec. 24, mail portions of the campaign will continue through Jan. 14. For more information, visit www.salvationarmy-desmoines.org.


The bad

Jessi Lynn Clark, 29, was arrested last week on two counts of possession of a controlled substance after authorities found Oxycodone and Xanax in her possession. The driver of the vehicle let officers search his vehicle and nothing was found. But while talking to the driver, Clark pulled a paper towel from her crotch area and inside the paper towel were the prescription pills. Clark denied they were hers, claiming that the driver had instructed her to put them down her pants. The smile in her Florida mug shot makes us think she knew about her secret stash the entire time.


Talk about being pissed off. Carrie Ann Harkness, 23, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief last week in Pennsylvania, but it wasn’t for fighting or causing a scene — it was for urinating. Around 4 a.m., Harkness entered the convenience store and went inside a walk-in freezer. After employees tried to get her to leave, Harkness declined and urinated inside the freezer, causing more than $500 in damage to food.


The ugly

This couple definitely rounds out the creepy people category of 2010. Teresa Holloway of Imperial, Neb., was jailed on incest charges last week after she allegedly carried on a sexual relationship with her own daughter. Sure, mom-on-daughter action is gross, but that’s only the beginning of this story involving this sick family. Teresa’s arrest comes several months after her former husband, Dennis Holloway, was also arrested for having an incestuous relationship with the girl. Officials first learned of the disgusting going-on after their 26-year-old daughter told stories of an ongoing sexual relationship with her father and mother that began when she was 14. She also stated that the relationship continued into her adult years. Dennis admitted to having sex with his daughter and has since been found guilty of incest, while Teresa’s case has been set for trial on Feb. 22, 2011.


Last Wednesday was a deadly day for Chicago firefighters as a south-side blaze killed two and injured 17. Ironically it was also the 100th anniversary of the Union Stock Yards’ fire, which killed 21 Chicago firefighters. This most recent incident was the highest for firefighter death toll until Sept. 11, 2001. Officials report that the building has been abandoned for some time, but that squatters may have started the fire after burning debris to keep warm. CV


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