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December 30, 2010

A holiday greeting for Sen. Chuck Grassley

There are many of our fellow human beings in our midst who are disadvantaged and less fortunate than we, whose dreams of a better life are daily being trod underfoot. I write to you, Chuck, in this holiday season as my legislator. You have considerable power and oversight of policies that affect the needy of our society. As a person of privilege, power and wealth, you can help others who are less privileged, less powerful and poorer than you. But recently you treaded on the dreams of a million young people seeking a better life and wanting to be proud and productive Americans by voting against the DREAM Act.

During this holiday season, I pray that our God of grace and mercy will work a change in your heart to become an advocate for the well-being not of the powerful and wealthy, but for those who are the homeless, the needy and the under-privileged who are striving for a better life. We are one of the most blessed nations on the face of this tiny globe. Jesus, whose birth we celebrate, who was poor in this world and had nowhere to lay his head, gave his all for everyone.

Rev. Vernon H. Naffier


The Branstad regime

I think I missed something here? Gov. elect Terry Branstad has ordered department heads to submit their resignations, which he may or may not accept. First, he isn’t the governor yet, so how can he issue orders to people who aren’t yet his employees, and worse, set the deadline before his own ascension to office? Even if it is just a matter of time, and this is probably an effort at a supposedly smooth transition, it’s out of order. Second, if someone refuses an order to offer a resignation, won’t they be terminated, which is just about the same as resigning, in that they will still be unemployed? So, why comply?

Jennifer Nosbisch
Des Moines







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