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December 30, 2010
By Dean Robbins

A despised contestant returns to ‘The Bachelor’

Three years ago, Brad Womack made one of the most sensible moves in reality-TV history: He rejected both women in “The Bachelor” finale. The alternative, of course, was going through with the charade of “proposing” to some random, unappealing stranger from a group chosen by ABC producers.

You’d think Brad would have become a hero, inspiring Americans to finally see through a genre that peddles a creepy view of romantic relationships. Instead, he became a villain, universally reviled for his failure to marry on cue.

Womack has returned for the new season of “The Bachelor” (Monday, 7 p.m.), convinced that America was right and he was wrong.

Brad now claims to be cured, and he’s determined to choose a wife from among the extreme personalities ABC has assembled for the new season. They include a woman who thinks she’s a vampire (complete with fangs) and a woman who viciously slaps him for what he did three years ago.

Brad responds with “I deserved that,” having learned in therapy that he’s worthy of contempt.

You don’t think his therapist is on the ABC payroll, do you?



Tuesday, 9 p.m. (TNT)

The L.A. cop show begins its third season with a doozy of an episode. One pair of officers investigate the horrific murder of a cleaning lady; another pair look into a gang execution; and a third pair become involved in a street shootout. Each subplot is gritty and intense, with disturbing images and raw emotions.

The episode is so draining that you probably won’t feel like watching another TV drama for at least 24 hours. CV



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