A year in review

Every year brings its challenges, but 2010 seemed to be a bit more troublesome for many in this world. From blizzards in the Midwest, to an earthquake in Haiti, to general economic woes for much of society, most of us are ready to put 2010 behind us. But before the final page is turned, we decided to take a look back at the stories that graced our pages in the past 12 months.

We covered serious issues like living with AIDS, homelessness, teen sex and child abuse. We kept our finger on the pulse of politics with stories on Congressional term limits, Iowa’s Supreme Court justices, agricultural subsidies, women in Iowa politics, and gubernatorial commutations.


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Gibbons’ lawsuits, Boswell’s fund-raiser, Strentz’s sign


Jim Gibbons has signed on as chief deputy and director of business services in the office of Secretary-of-State-elect Matt Schultz. The former Iowa State wrestling coach brings some unusual credentials to the job.

Credential No. 1: Gibbons worked for Edward D. Jones & Co., the brokerage house, from April 23,1996, until August 6, 2004, when he resigned without notice and, according to court documents, “immediately joined a competitor,” Wachovia Securities. According to a lawsuit filed against him by Jones, Gibbons, “while still employed by Edward Jones, conspired with Wachovia to wrongfully convert Edward Jones’ records and to secretly divert Edward Jones’ customers to Wachovia,” which allegedly violated the terms of his employment contract. Neither Gibbons nor his attorney showed up for a court hearing, and on Sept. 21, 2004, the Dallas County district court found that Gibbons “has breached and continues to breach” his contract with Jones, and the court “enjoined and restrained” him from using Jones records or soliciting Jones customers. Perhaps because of a settlement, the case was dismissed two-and-a-half years later.

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Sounds of the New Year are sweet music to ears of revelers


New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights in Greater Des Moines for live music, and this year is no exception. From dueling pianos, to blues, to rock, to the Des Moines Symphony, several choices abound for music lovers or those who simply want to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011 in grand fashion on Friday, Dec. 31. What’s more, several of the bigger concerts listed below also include food, party favors and libations. See Cityview’s calendar for additional bar and restaurant listings.


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Big City: the burger Napster


Napster began changing the world a decade ago by allowing users to download songs they liked as opposed to buying entire albums of songs someone else thought they ought to like. That Internet service was so popular then that it accounted for 80 percent of computer use in college dormitories. Business strategists predicted this new generation of consumers would change the way everything was marketed, from “push” (you buy what someone else decides you want) to “pull” (manufacturers build exactly what you order) models. Alas, business revolutions are rarely as quick as political revolutions. Rather than buying Napster technology to sell downloads, the music industry tried to preserve their old model by suing Napster out of existence. Anyone who knows what iTunes, Insound and Rhapsody are also knows that didn’t work.


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